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Capabilities Measurement in the Federal Government - Qudarat

Qudarat capabilities

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) aims to support the Federal Government and enable them to build capabilities of government employees in order to achieve UAE vision 2021, through studying and proposing best practices and solutions that will measure the capabilities of employees and develop them to enable national competencies and Federal Human Capital development.

The General Capabilities Measurement Framework in the Federal Government:

The General Capabilities Measurement Framework in the Federal Government was developed with the aim of simplifying the process of measuring capabilities at federal government level and developing it in the future. Capabilities Measurement Framework covers two important aspects while dealing with federal government employees capabilities:

  • Competencies: It is a set of skills, knowledge and behaviors areas required to be in employee to enable him to perform his job in a distinct manner.
  • Ability: It is the application of professional skills, knowledge and behaviors areas to achieve the required level of performance and is considered to be in contrast to the personal characteristics of the individual.

This criterion is considered for differentiation and may be developed by continuous training and development. To view the General Capabilities Measurement Framework in the Federal Government, click here

Benefits of implementing Capabilities Measurement Framework at the institutional level:

  • Improved Productivity & Higher Performance
  • Increased Employees Harmony
  • Increased Competencies Retention
  • Fewer Accidents
  • Lower Employment Costs

To view the most important criteria for Capabilities Measurement Framework process, click here

To view the Operational Model for Capabilities Measurement Framework, click here

To view the importance of Feedback Ecosystem, click here

Below is a list of "Preferred Capacity Assessment Services Providers" that ministries and federal employees can access through their websites to obtain evaluation services: