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The Formal direction towards knowledge

The United Arab Emirates has always sought, under the guidance of its wise leadership, to establish a culture of scientific knowledge, and to complete the series of cultural, intellectual and knowledge projects that it has been launching since its inception.

Accordingly, The late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, declared 2016 as the Year of Reading, as reading is the primary skill of a new generation of scientists, thinkers, researchers and innovators. This was confirmed with a-first -of -its -kind initiative in the world, issued by His Highness on reading, setting legislative frameworks, implementation. Programs and specific government responsibilities to establish the value of reading.

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Flashes of Knowledge

“Flashes of Knowledge”... an electronic brochure issued by the knowledge team at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources; for the objective or raising awareness internally, Enrich the culture of reading for FAHR employees, which will result in enriching their knowledge and gaining them experience, professional and personal skills through Flashes of Knowledge.

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