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FAHR Achievements

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has regularly published special reports that shed light on the achievements FAHR accomplish every year. The reports, which are corroborated with pictures, provide a documentation on the important milestones achieved by FAHR. Through this endeavor, FAHR aims at enhancing participation and transparency.  It also seeks to provide a trustworthy source of information and reference material for customers as well as HR and human capital development specialists and researchers.

This section contains a series of attractive, finely produced and detailed annual reports backed by graphics and figures. Most of the reports are available at FAHR in hard copy as well.

Through the publication of these annual reports, FAHR pursues an ongoing improvement of performance, the achievement of its objectives, the implementation of its initiatives and the follow-up and enhancement of its activities. Hence, FAHR can attain the highest levels of institutional performance, keep pace with the latest developments and future trends, and grasp the totality of available opportunities and capabilities in order to improve the work environment on all levels of the UAE Federal Government.


FAHR Annual Report 2022

16 FAHR Annual Report 2021 - View
15 FAHR Main Achievements 2021 2.82MB Download
14 FAHR Annual Report 2020 - View
13 FAHR Annual Report 2019 6.13MB Download
12 Achievements 2011-2018  2.12MB Download
FAHR Annual Report 2018  5.11MB Download
10 Achievements 2011-1st Half of 2018 2.05MB Download
09 FAHR Annual Report 2017 6.28MB Download
08 FAHR Annual Report 2016 8.31MB Download
07 FAHR Annual Report 2015 8.04MB Download
06 FAHR Annual Report 2014 5.71MB Download
05 FAHR Annual Report 2013 3.25MB Download
04 FAHR Annual Report 2012 18.9MB Download
03 FAHR Semiannual Report 2012 7.97MB Download
02 FAHR Annual Report 2011 17.3MB Download
01 FAHR Annual Report 2010 28.8MB Download