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Federal Government employees undergo Digital Fitness Assessment (DFA)

Saturday May 09, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently launched a new initiative to assess the digital fitness level of Federal Government employees free of charge, using the Smart Digital Fitness App (DFA), in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers International (PwC).

Maryam Al Zarouni, Director of Human Resources Planning Department at the Authority said: “The Digital Fitness Initiative comes as part of the Authority’s efforts to help federal government employees develop their knowledge and skills, be aware of their digital level and prepare better for the digital and technological world.”

She added: “The DFA app provides the ability to assess digital fitness for users to make them understand their current digital capabilities, as becoming more digitally fit can help people at any technical level to improve their digital literacy and awareness in this challenging time.”

It is worth mentioning that the app contains nearly 300 educational materials, consists of multiple digital items to help employees enhance their knowledge in the subjects that develop their knowledge and skills. The app will be available to all Federal Government employees to July 31, 2020, via e-learning portal "Al Mawrid".

Maryam Al Zarouni called on the Federal Government employees to take advantage of the benefits offered by fitness app, which is available on electronic stores, and the Authority website - e-learning portal "Al-Mawrid".  She explained that the app will be a major catalyst in the Authority’s digital transformation journey, which will help all of us stay connected to an ever changing world.

Regarding activation of the digital fitness app, she explained the steps which begin with downloading the app from one of the stores into smartphones, and then creating an account to activate. The last thing is to take the test  and assessment. The user can view his results, develop the fitness plan that best suits his needs, and finally start using the app to increase his knowledge.

She said: “The initiative is a continuation of the e-learning initiative in the Federal Government (Al-Mawrid) www.al-mawrid.ae, which was launched by the Authority late last year as the first platform for training and e-learning for Federal Government employees and the main reference for ministries and federal entities in developing the capabilities of their human resources.  The entities are also provided with an opportunity to involve employees in training programs and new educational materials provided by Al-Mawrid portal.”

Randa Bahsoun, a partner at PwC, and the leader of the New world. New skills initiative in the Middle East,  said: “The challenge of upgrading skills reflects how quickly technology is changing and how it is difficult to predict its progress. The time has come to create a movement in which governments, companies, institutions and societies all over the Middle East and the world will fuse together to build the next wave of human capabilities.”

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