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HR Club discusses how to manage generational diversity in the workplace

Sunday June 07, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently organized a virtual session for the Human Resources Club, using live streaming tech, via the Internet. The event saw the highest viewership rate since the launch of the virtual Club sessions in 2019, as it was followed by more than 7,500 Club associates and those interested in human resources inside and outside the country.

 The session, entitled "Engineering of Generational Diversity in the Workplace", discussed several important topics and issues such as: Building trust and respect in the workplace, defining key features of generational differences in the workplace, how to develop and manage the architecture of generational diversity in enterprises, and invest them as a competitive advantage.

In this context, Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs Department at the Authority confirmed that the new trend adopted by the Authority since 2019 to broadcast the HR Club’s sessions using live streaming technique has proven its effectiveness. Through this technology the club was able to reach a larger segment of the public, as noticed clearly from session to session, with the number of followers and those interested in these sessions increasing steadily, she argued, indicating that the Club is one of the Authority’s strategic initiatives, and has become an important intellectual and knowledge communication platform bringing together thousands of people interested in its discussion topics, whether in human resource or support services issues.

 Salwa Abdullah said: “The HR Club, launched by the Authority in  2010 is an important professional strategic window that brings together HR specialists and people interested in human resources locally, regionally and globally.

 “The live broadcast of the Club's sessions via the Internet reflects the Authority’s keenness to transfer knowledge, best experiences, global practices in human resources for all interested and specialists from within and outside the UAE. It also enhances the country’s direction towards employing modern technologies to ensure business continuity in the Federal Government, and protect the safety and health of community members and Federal Government employees, under the current circumstances.”

 The session hosted Dr. Maria Jad Catlan, faculty member at the College of Business Administration at Ajman University, who delivered a speech on the importance of human element for organizations at the present time, the methods adopted in developing the capabilities of employees, and the methods to attract talents. She pointed to the great contribution of skilled workforce to the economies of the countries of the world.

 She stated that the nature of the workforce differs at the present time from what it was in the past, as most of them are multi-generational. She explained that the success of organizations and their continuation in competition depend on their ability to manage this diversity, and to create harmony among the various generations, especially in light of the spectacular digital transformations we are witnessing today, which casts a shadow on the work environment.

 Dr. Maria added: “It is highly important to transfer knowledge and expertise between the different generations of the workforce, as an integral part of the institution’s assets. It is equally important to maintain mutual trust and respect among all employees of different age groups, so that transferring experience and knowledge cascade down to the younger generations and new employees in the organization smoothly.

 She pointed out that organizations from around the world have become highly concerned with managing the diversity of generations in the workplace, realizing the importance of this matter, as creating harmony between employees in the institution will contribute greatly to developing a positive and productive work environment, as employees will cooperate with them within An integrated business system, which constitutes an added value for the institution, and enhances its competitiveness.

 "A study prepared by the Human Resources Management Association in 2017 showed that workplaces around the world are  witnessing major transformations due to the rapid technological developments and artificial intelligence technologies. Worrkforces are composed of 5 different generations in the same workplace, which imposes on Institutions to define different needs of all generations, work to meet them, amend tools and methods for managing and evaluating employee performance, and apply flexible work systems.”

 Dr. Maria continued saying that organizations should also amend their own human resource laws, policies and legislation, to suit the needs of different generations, improve health standards and requirements in the work environment, and adopt a wider succession planning, in addition to providing training and career development opportunities for employees and leaders alike.”

 Human Resource Club

 The Human Resources Club, with a membership that exceeds 12 thousand, is a free platform for intellectual and knowledge communication between specialists and those interested in Human Resources from all work sectors in the country. It provides an important and great opportunity for cooperation between all those involved in human capital development, and acts as a platform for discussing key HR related issues and the most prominent challenges facing organizations and governments, with regard to human capital development to propose solutions to such challenges and keep pace with changes in this field.

 It should be noted that membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in Human Resources and institutional support, etc. Application should be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae

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