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3000 affiliates attend HR Club session on Coronavirus and psychological support

Thursday April 30, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) organized an extraordinary Human Resources Club session, using live streaming technology via the Internet, as a first of its kind in the history of the Club since its inception in 2010, in terms of the number of attendees and followers surpasg 3000 members and those interested in the field from within and outside the country.

The session discussed ways of psychological and moral support for members of society at different levels, and how to avoid anxiety caused by Corona pandemic, overcome the exceptional circumstances overwhelming the world and reduce its psychological consequences for society.

In this regard, Leila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of the Programs and HR Planning Sector at the Authority, praised the session, which was exceptional by all standards, as it witnessed a great interaction and interest. from the Club affiliates and all interested parties. She stressed that the huge turnover reflects the importance of HR Club and its ability to reach all segments of society.

She said: “The new approach to broadcasting the Club’s sessions through livee streaming technique has proven a great success, as the Club has outreached a larger audience. This is a crucial step towards achieving its objectives as one of the Authority’s strategic initiatives that has become an important intellectual and knowledge communication platform bringing   thousands of people interested in its discussion topics under one roof, to review human resources issues, support services or general and emerging developments.

“The Club provides an important and significant opportunity for cooperation between all concerned with human capital development, as a platform that  allows raising issues related to challenges facing institutions, individuals and governments, with regard to human capital development, reviewing the best solutions to such challenges and keeping pace with any problems in this field.”

HE Leila Al Suwaidi hailed the HR Club’s role which witnessed since its launch a great interaction by specialists and those interested in human resources locally, regionally and globally. This is evidenced by the number of followers of its last session that exceeded 3000, thus becoming an important platform and a strategic window for human resource professionals and researchers.

She added that the Authority has adopted live streaming media in broadcasting the Club's sessions via the Internet, in order to reach the largest segment of those interested in human resources from all regions of the country and outside. “In addition, the new broadcasting method will serve the UAE’s approach to remote work, taking advantage of modern technologies to ensure business continuity in the Federal Government, maintain the safety and health of community members in general, and Federal Government employees in particular, under the current circumstances.

A session was presented by Dr. Basem Badr, consultant psychiatrist at Life Works Consulting Center, based in Dubai, in the framework of the existing cooperation between the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and the Center, to implement the psychological and moral support program ‘Hayat’ for the Federal Government employees, which was launched by the Authority a few days ago.

The session highlighted many urgent issues that concern all groups and segments of society in light of Coronavirus pandemic, notably: How to deal psychologically with COVID- 19 and its repercussions, the psychological impact of diseases and epidemics on individuals and society, and how to overcoming their negative psychological effects. In addition, the speaker  introduced followers to the methods that can enhance the positive energy of society, and support the individuals’ mental health, especially in times of crisis and disaster.

At the outset, Dr. Basem Badr emphasized that Coronavirus pandemic has upended the daily lives of people around the world. However, despite the state of fear, tension and frustration that society is experiencing because of pandemic, some positive effects of this virus include increasing national solidarity in facing this disease, as well as strengthening family ties, and enhancing the concept and culture of social cohesion.

The consultant psychiatrist at Hayat Consulting Center gave a number of tips on how to overcome the anxiety and psychological pressure caused by the Covid- 19. He stressed the need to take care of mental health by maintaining   healthy eating, caring for personal hygiene, exercising regularly and  reducing the time spent on watching and reading the news as much as possible.  He noted that following Coronavirus news and developments around the world brings unnecessary psychological pressures, and enhances our negative energy, given that many of these news are fabricated and incorrect.

Dr. Basem stressed the importance of focusing on the positive thoughts that distract us from thinking about the pandemic, and the need to occupy our times with everything that is useful and entertaining.

“It is highly recommended to reduce using electronic devices, closing them before going to bed at least 30 minutes, and allocating some time to relax, through deep breathing, yoga, meditation, listening to music, and reading useful books,”he said.

According to Dr. Bassem Badr, taking care of physical health during this pandemic is essential, especially in absence of regular physical activity and exercise. He advised everyone to not miss out on sleeping at the usual timings,  exercise physical activity continuously, given its importance in reducing stress, improving mood, and maintaining good health by avoiding smoking and  drinking alcohol.

He said: "The fact that we are forced to stay at home and keep a safe distance from others, does not mean at all that we should be on complete social isolation. We must rather initiate digital communication with our families, relatives and friends, and provide psychological and moral support to them to alleviate the impact of this crisis on them.“

He called for supporting children during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and helping them to overcome its repercussions and negative effects, by helping them cope with resulting stress, alleviating their anxiety, depression and loneliness, and allocating time to play with them if needed.

The Club offers its membership, which has grown to over 12 thousand, an ideal opportunity to learn about the best practices, experiences and success stories of many individuals and institutions, as well as meeting with specialists and practitioners in the field of institutional work.

It should be noted that membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in human resources and institutional support, etc. Application for the Club’s membership has be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and  email : HRClub@fahr.gov.ae.  

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