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Federal Government employees perform 4.5 million self-service transactions via Bayanati system

Sunday May 03, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) revealed that around 4.5 million HR transactions and procedures were carried out by employees and officials of ministries and federal agencies through Bayanati system since its official launch in 2012 until the end of Q1 2020, using self service function.

In this regard, Leila Obaid Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector at the Authority commented that the Federal Government employees carried out more than 281 thousand self-service transactions in the first quarter of 2020.

She added: “A significant increase occurred recently in the number of transactions and self-service procedures, compared to the same period in the past years, due to employees’ dependence on Bayanati self-service system to accomplish their own HR transactions and procedures, especially in light of the implementation of remote work system in most ministries and federal entities under the current situation.”

1.6 million notifications received by Federal Government employees via Bayanati System

HE Leila Al Suwaidi indicated that Federal Government employees received more than 1.6 million notifications via Bayanati System during the first quarter of 2020. “Most of these notifications were promotional messages for the Authority's initiatives and services provided at the Federal Government level, and educational flyers on many topics that serve the directions of government and society, in addition to automatic notifications regarding’ completion of employee HR procedures”, she noted.

Bayanati as a smart window for all HR procedures

Laila Al Suwaidi indicated that all 67 ministries and federal entities are now  under the umbrella of the Human Resources Management Information System in the Federal Government (Bayanati) as the system is activated in 44 ministries and entities, while the Authority has linked 23 entities with Bayanati System, through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)  project.

She emphasized that Bayanati System launched by the Authority in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance helps automate all HR procedures, including wages and salaries in federal ministries and entities throughout an employee’s service, as well as create a unified Federal Government database that supports decision makers and assists in planning processes.

She added: “Bayanati System provides many services to Federal Government employees. For example, employees can receive their salaries,     through a unified system, complete all HR procedures using the self-service portal assigned to each of them, and take electronic approvals on some human resource procedures quickly.”

211 thousand self-service transactions via Smart App (FAHR)

For her part, Shaima Al-Awadi, Director of HR Information System at the Authority, revealed that Federal Government employees uploaded through the Smart Application (FAHR) more than 55 thousand times, conducting nearly 211 self -service transactions, since its launch until the end of the first quarter 2020, while over 34 thousand transactions were carried out during the first three months of 2020.

She said: “Application (FAHR) allowed employees to complete all of their HR procedures, using their mobile devices, without the need to refer to the human resources departments in their entities.

"HR procedures that are provided through the Smart Application include, but not limited to: viewing attendance and departure records, requesting leaves and salary certificates, issuing letters to Whom it May Concern, requesting legal advice on Federal Government’s HR laws, policies and legislation, completing performance management system for Federal Government employees, and setting  individual development plans.”

She stated that offers a package of services to the Federal Government employees: displaying and updating personal documents, reviewing Federal Government vacancies, facilitating job search, viewing jobs that have been posted, requesting technical support service to assist ministries and entities in implementing various HR procedures, registering as a service provider in the Federal Government employees discounts program "Imtiyazat", searching for Federal Government employees and communicating with them via e-mail, nominating employees to Rewards and Incentives System awards, viewing job description card, and requesting business card.

The Federal Authority in implementing various human resources procedures, registering as a service provider in the discounts program for government employees "privileges", searching for employees in the federal government and communicating with them via e-mail, and nominating employees within the system of rewards and incentives J, and see the job description card, and the possibility of requesting the work of "business card" card).

The Smart App (FAHR) also includes 27 services provided to Federal Government employees and customers from all sectors, and provides distinguished services for more than 100 thousand employees working in 67 ministries and federal entities. The most important of these services are those associated to Bayanati System, which provides a smart dashboard for employees and their supervisors in various ministries and federal entities.

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