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FAHR holds an exhibition showcasing creations of Federal Government employees and university students

Thursday February 27, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently organized an exhibition of Creativity & Innovation Gateway and a number of training and educational events for its employees, as part of its agenda in the UAE Innovation Month.

The events included a series of training courses on some important topics, such as Managing and Leading Innovation, Design Thinking, and Integration Nature with Training, in addition to field visits for a group of the Authority’s employees to learn about best practices and exchange experiences with several entities in the country.

In this regard, Khalid Al-Mazmi, Director of Strategy and Future Department, said: “The Authority’s agenda for the UAE Innovation Month is full of events and interactive activities, which enhance the spirit of innovation among employees and develop their ability to apply creativity and imagination in their work. The Authority also launched earlier this month its strategy for artificial intelligence, which included 7 Innovative initiatives in the field of government human resource management and development using  artificial intelligence technologies, and the the Fourth Industrial Revolution solutions.

“Moreover, during the fourth and last week of the UAE Innovation Month, the Authority held an electronic training workshop for Customer Happiness staff in the ministries and federal entities, through the E-Learning Portal in the Federal Government (Al-Mawred), and held a live broadcast session for the HR Club via webinar technology under the title (Using Workforce data to enhance decision-making).”

Al-Mazmi reveled that the Authority recently launched at its Dubai headquarters the Creativity & Innovation Gateway exhibition, which formed an ideal platform to display a number of innovative projects for university students and leading institutions in the country.

“The exhibition saw a strong presence by DELL International through displaying some innovative products in the field of artificial technologies Artificial for the purpose of training employees, and developing their skills and experience through the use of virtual reality simulation techniques and devices,” he said.

The UAE University had a remarkable participation in the exhibition, and 3 of its students: Maryam Al Yalili, Hussam Muhamad, and Muhamad Al Nuaimi reviewed the smart "Pick & Check" application, which they created with the aim of helping members of society in general, and patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, stress and obesity in particular, by enabling them to choose healthy foods and drinks harmful to their health.

The students explained that the application analyzes the content of nutrients, sugars, salts, etc. in different foods, for the benefit of users, and then provides advice regarding the recommended amounts to be consumed, or provide an alternative if they are harmful to health. The application also helps women with special condition, e.g. pregnancy and lactation to identify the content of nutrients in their foods and advise them to choose what best suits them and their featuses. by reading the code affixed to foods through the phone's camera, or by photographing meals, and searching for their benefits and harms automatically in search engines.

For her part, the student Hamda Al Habsi from the UAE University, reviewed a smart application that aims to organize parking on the university campus for female students in Al Ain city, and to help female students find parking   lots easily, especially in light of parking crisis on the campus.

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