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FAHR participates in the global campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of hypertension

Sunday May 26, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has reacted with the global campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure (Hypertension), in conjunction with World Hypertension Day, which falls on the seventeenth of May every year.

The event is organized this year under the slogan "Know Your Numbers" where the Authority organized sessions and medical examinations for its employees, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, and Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital.


On this occasion, Ali Ahli, Director of Human Resources and Services Department, CEO of Happiness and Positivity said that the Authority’s celebration of World Hypertension Day, reflects its keenness to raise awareness of the potential dangers of this disease, called "Silent Killer", calling on all to measure blood pressure regularly, and keep it within normal ranges.


He said that the Authority organized a series of events and health activities on this occasion, including conducting blood sugar and hypertension tests for employees, body mass index, muscle to fat ratios and body weight to height. The Authority also provided health guidance and distributed educational bulletins to employees, as well as sports and health tips, he said.


Ali Ahli said: “The Authority has organized several health programs and activities to mark this occasion, aimed at empowering the employees, and increasing their happiness, loyalty, job satisfaction, as well as aspiring creativity and innovation. The most important of these programs is Employee Wellness, which consists of four initiatives, each of which includes a range of activities: health initiatives, occupational safety initiatives, green environment initiatives and social initiatives.


Ali Ahli pointed out that the Wellness Program reflects the Authority’s keenness to improve the working environment, motivate employees to provide their best, increase job satisfaction, workplace harmony and loyalty, which will positively affect the work system in the entity in particular and the Federal Government in general, thus contributing to realizing the aspirations and orientations of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates.

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