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The Cabinet endorses Emiratisation mechanisms in the Federal Government

Thursday October 24, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), has confirmed that, pursuant to the provisions of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (34/10) of 2019, endorsing Emiratization mechanisms in the Federal Government, and to enable the ministries and federal entities to implement the Cabinet Resolution in a proper manner.

The Cabinet has approved the Emiratisation mechanisms and advised the federal entities to increase Emiratization percentage by 10% annually, to reach 90% for administrative and support services jobs in five years.

The mechanisms also include requiring federal bodies to increase Emiratisation percentage for supervisory positions within 5 years, except for  those excepted by a Cabinet Resolution, as well as prohibiting employment of expatriates in supervisory, administrative and support services jobs forthwith.

Emiratization of professional and technical jobs

In its circular No. (21) of 2019, the Authority stated that the federal entities  had been tasked to develop Emiratization plans for specialized and technical jobs (5 to 10 years), and report to the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, for submission to the Cabinet within two months from the issuance of the circular.

The circular stressed the need for all entities, whether operating the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI) or not, to advertise their vacancies electronically via BAYANATI, according to its mechanisms, that they take e-approvals for outsourced employees, and duly enter their data into the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI).

The Cabinet Resolution also requires federal entities to achieve and analyze Emiratization indicators within the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI), as well as review Emiratization plan and targets on an annual basis.

Quarterly Reports

The Cabinet Resolution stipulated entrusting the Authority with submitting quarterly reports on Emiratization indicators and developments regarding the implementation of the above mechanisms by the federal entities. The Authority stressed the importance of federal entities’ commitment to implement the above mechanisms as stipulated in the Cabinet Resolution.

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