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"Imtiyazat" Program benefits employees in 97 federal and local entities

Monday December 23, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) announced that employees working for 97 federal and local entities, benefit from hundreds of offers provided by private sector institutions and companies under the employee discounts program (Imtiyazat) for Federal Government employees. The program was launched by FAHR in 2010, with the aim of creating a stimulating and happy government work environment, and promoting happiness, productivity and positivity for government employees.

In this regard, Mahmoud Al Marzouqi, Director of Government Communications Department at the authority, explained that the discounts program for government employees "Imtiyazat" serves employees of 97 ministries and federal and local entities, including employees of  Ajman and Umm Al Quwain governments, who recently joined the list of program beneficiaries in 2019.

He said: “The importance of ‘Privileges’ Program is increasing day after day, so that it has become one of the largest discounts programs at the state level. The Authority coordinates with commercial and service private businesses and signs partnerships with them, to grant special and exclusive discounts and preferential prices to government employees and their families.

He stressed that the program embodies the Authority’s keenness to promote and consolidate the concepts of happiness, well-being and institutional loyalty in the government work environment, as well as improve employee job satisfaction and workplace harmony.

“The initiative will have a tremendous impact on increasing and improving productivity with the ultimate goal of making the UAE a haven for highly qualified and creative talents, as aspired by our wise leadership” he noted.

Al-Marzouqi indicated that "Imtiyazat" program is available as a smart application that serves the employee anytime, anywhere, and includes exclusive offers provided by "Imtiyazat" partners to government employees, with interactive maps showing the locations of these offers. The application also allows companies enlisted to update their offers and putting forward  new ones, he added.

According to Al-Marzouqi, the program is well received by private sector companies and many of them wish to join and provide exclusive offers to government employees, indicating that the program has attracted more than 600 companies from various sectors, making more than 700 offers. He stressed on the Authority’s keenness to to diversify the business sectors and ensure quality of services and added value.

The Director of the Government Communications Department pointed out that Imtiyazat team implemented during 2017 until the beginning of December 2019, more than 80 visits and orientation meetings to familiarize employees of ministries and federal entities, with Imtiyazat Program, during which they were introduced to mechanisms of activating the smart application of the program, how to access and obtain the latest offers submitted. He concluded his review by indicating that Imtyazat smart application has been downloaded more than 30,000 times since its launch.

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