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The HR Club discusses the importance of flexibility and positivity in workplaces

Thursday July 02, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently organized a virtual session for the Human Resources Club, using live streaming tech, which was followed by nearly 6000 Club members and those interested in HR issues from within and outside the country.

The session, entitled "Return to Work, Self- Efficacy and Flexibility", discussed several important topics and issues such as: the importance of enjoying emotional resilience, especially in light of the difficult circumstances and different challenges we face in our lives, the role of optimism and positivity in achieving ones personal and professional goals, and the most prominent social skills that we need at all times in general, and in exceptional situations in particular.

At the outset, Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs Department at the Authority, revealed that more than 6000 people followed the session, which was held through direct broadcast technology. She noted that the Authority held from the beginning of 2020 until the end of June 9, several virtual sessions for the Human Resources Club, followed by over 25 thousand associates affiliated and interested people.

She said: “The new trend in broadcasting HR Club’s sessions adopted by the Authority since 2019, using live streaming technique has proven its effectiveness. Through this technology the Club was able to reach a larger segment of the public, and thus achieve the objectives for which it has been established.”

Salwa Abdullah added: “The HR Club is one of the Authority’s strategic initiatives, and has become an important intellectual and knowledge communication platform bringing together thousands of people interested in its discussion topics, whether in human resource or support services issues.”

The session hosted Dr. Abdul Quddus Muhammed from the College of Business Administration at the Higher Colleges of Technology, who addressed emotional resilience, which is, according to his description, the key to preserving both our psychological and physical health. “Positive thinking and optimism contribute greatly to reducing negative effects resulting from huge work stress and challenges. Emotional resilience enhances our ability to cope with   life's difficulties and rapid changes,” he noted.

He argued that the accomplishments people achieve professionally and personally depend on their trust in their ability to achieve what is expected of them, which is something that the leaders of institutions should notice and focus on, by instilling self-confidence among employees, and recognizing their positive attitudes and strength. Observing these things, he explained, would positively reflect on employee performance, productivity and workplace happiness, as well as maintain the organization's competitiveness, and turn it into an environment that attracts top talents.

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