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e-Learning Portal ‘Al Mawrid’: the best alternative to traditional training

Wednesday March 18, 2020

In light of the current circumstances, and after issuing the Guide to Remote Work in the Federal Government, as well as the procedural guidelines in emergency circumstances, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) called on all ministries and federal entities to shift to online training as a practical alternative to the traditional training. It underlined the importance of investing in the Federal Government’s e-Learning Portal ‘Al-Mawrid’ "www.al-mawrid.ae, launched late last year, to use it as a platform for the new approach of smart learning and learning.

In this regard, HE Leila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector at the Authority confirmed that, in light of the Federal Government's approach to working remotely, and to ensure business continuity in emergency situations, the e-Learning Portal in the Federal Government ‘Al Mawrid’ is considered an appropriate alternative to traditional methods of training and learning based on regular attendance.

She said: “The e-Learning Portal ‘Al Mawrid’ witnessed during the last period a great interaction and demand by the Federal Government employees. The portal was visited by nearly 65,500 employees, while 62,600 interacted with the offered programs and 13,200 employees obtained completion certificates and participation in Available training programs.”

Al-Mawred is an advanced smart training platform that serves Federal Government employees, develops their behavioral and specialized skills, and provides them with general and specialized innovative online training programs and courses at preferential prices that take into account their needs, enhance their capabilities, and enable them to keep pace with the labor market, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution requirements.

She stated that the Authority, as part of its efforts to  preserve the safety and health of the Federal Government employees, and in implement the Guide to Remote Work in the Federal Government, as well as the procedural guidelines in emergency circumstances, has recently launched the virtual Sessions service via Al Mawrid Portal, which will enable Federal Government employees to attend workshops and training courses held through the portal, using their electronic devices, with ease.

Leila Al Suwaidi added: “The Authority also called for investing in ‘Al-Mawred’ portal as a practical alternative to traditional training, which provides an ideal opportunity for the federal entities to broadcast online training programs and workshops that they hold for their employees across the platform from anywhere and at any time. By doing so, it can guarantee business continuity, and development of Federal Government employees professional and behavioral skills through continuous learning, which achieves the desired benefit at the lowest costs, even in normal situations.”

“About 250 general and specialized training programs in various fields have been put forward for ministries and federal entities to nominate their employees to benefit from, each according to his/her specialization,” she noted.

The Authority has earlier contracted and cooperated with universities and educational institutions, houses of expertise and leading international companies in the field of online training and development, to provide specialized electronic training programs, professional certificates,  and educational materials for Federal Government employees for free and at competitive prices.

Al Mawrid Portal has originally been launched in line with the Federal Government's directions towards investing in artificial intelligence, enhancing the Federal Government employees’ skills and ensuring continuous learning, as well as providing them with the best and latest kind of training by investing in modern technology.

Al Mawrid initiative aims to develop the employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities, so that they can cope with the rapidly changing needs of global labor market by acquiring reliable electronic training, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

The initiative is also a valuable addition to a series of innovative training initiatives launched by the Authority at the Federal Government level over the past years, and shows the Authority’s keenness to train and develop human resources in ministries and federal entities, enhance their competencies and skills in a way that increases the efficiency of the UAE Government, and realizes its wise leadership’s aspirations.

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