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HR Club reviews Dubai preparations for Expo 2020

Sunday November 17, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently held the Seventh HR Club Forum 2019 entitled title 'Expo 2020: Emiratization and Knowledge Transfer Programs.’ The event hosted Mrs. Fatima Al-Loughani, Head of Expo & Emiratisation Academy - Department of Human Resources, Manpower and Volunteers at Expo, who reviewed Expo 2020 Dubai preparations, as well as milestones, training and Emiratization efforts, knowledge transfer initiatives, and volunteer management at this global event.

The forum, which was held in Dubai, was attended by Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Mannan Al Awar, Director General of the Authority, along with dozens of Club members, including employees of Federal Government, local governments and the private sector, in addition to Republic of Uzbekistan delegation that visited UAE recently to review the UAE Federal Government’s best practices, systems and policies in human capital development.

Salwa Abdullah: “HR Club acts as a knowledge platform for HR professionals.” 

Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs Department at the Authority, addressed the Forum saying: “The HR Club, which was launched by the Authority in 2010, as one of its strategic strategic initiatives, held 9 forums across the UAE emirates during 2019, bringing the total number of forums since its launch to 56. These forums were attended by nearly 10 thousand employees, HR specialists and those interested in the field, hailing from all work sectors in the country and abroad, whether personally or  through live broadcasting techniques.”

She explained that the HR Club is an interactive and knowledge platform, athat brings bringing together HR professionals, experts and those interested in the field to share views and experiences under one roof; to come out with innovative solutions that would strengthen the role of  HR departments and services provided to customers.

“The Authority is seeking to develop the Club and improve its vision and mission by working hard to expand to expand the base of its beneficiaries beyond human resource professionals, to include support services sectors, and all employees working for these sectors, such as personnel, finance, IT, procurement, etc,” she said.

Salwa Abdullah noted that membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in human resources and institutional support, etc. Application should be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae.

Fatima Al Loghani: Expo 2020 Dubai is the most diverse event in terms of attendance and participation

For her part, Fatima Al Loghani reviewed the success story of Dubai winning the Expo 2020, highlighting the preparations to host the most important international event in the history of the region and the world. She stressed   that Expo 2020 Dubai under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, may not be the largest in the history of Expo since its inception in   1851, but it is certainly the most diverse in terms of number of participating countries, and varied cultures.

She added: “The UAE in general and Dubai in particular has a long experience in organizing and hosting big international events. Dubai’, thanks to its excellent infrastructure, is perfectly qualified to organize an exceptional version of World Expo, which can act as an ideal platform for exchanging experiences and successful stories between the different countries of the world, and provide a real opportunity to learn about the cultural backgrounds of participating countries.

“Concerning Expo 2020 Dubai's Emiratisation strategy, which aims to recruit more UAE nationals of all ages and professional backgrounds to deal with more than 200 Expo participants, representing 192 countries, as well as 25 million visitors in the largest event ever held in the region. It is expected  that 70% of all Expo 2020 visitors will come from outside the region, making it the largest number of international visitors in the event’s history.”

The Head of Expo & Emiratisation Academy continued: ”The strategy of  Emiratisation Program included recruiting 350 young citizens at the Expo Academy and providing them with crash training in management and leadership skills to join the event team. It also required developing intensive practical training programs for Expo Academy staff, ranging from three to six months, in order to hone their skills and develop their competencies.”

World Expo is one of the world's oldest and largest international events that takes place every five years and lasts for up to six months. It is an event which attracts millions of visitors who explore and discover pavilions, exhibitions and cultural events staged by hundreds of participants including nations, international organizations and businesses.  

The event provides an excellent meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as the global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population.

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