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FAHR: Emiratization indicators in the Federal Government are running according to target

Sunday February 16, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) confirmed that close monitoring of Emiratization indicators is underway in the Federal Government, in cooperation and coordination with various concerned parties; to ensure that it is in accordance with the mechanisms and plans in place to implement the Cabinet Resolution and to achieve the aspirations of the UAE leadership in this regard.

Laila Obaid Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector at the Authority stated that Emiratisation indicators were measured in 57 ministries and federal entities by the end of 2019, while most of these entities submitted their plans according to criteria stipulated in the Cabinet Resolution issued late last year regarding Emiratization in the Federal Government. She noted that the Authority submitted the plans to  competent authorities in the Federal Government according to the rules.

She said: “The Authority had previously held, in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, a series of consultative workshops on reviewing Emiratisation targets in the Federal Government, during the coming years, as well as the implementation mechanisms in accordance with the provisions of the Cabinet Resolution, targeting in those workshops leaders and human resources specialists.

“A joint team has been formed including representatives from the Authority and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, with a view to  support ministries and federal entities in raising their Emiratization rates.  The result was appointing 3,000 and promoting more than 6000 UAE nationals in the Federal Government, as well as implementing training courses with more than 1.5 million hours during 2019.”

HE Leila Al-Suwaidi indicated that the Authority has developed electronic mechanisms to measure Emiratization indicators and management mechanism in the Federal Government through the HR Management Information System “Bayanati”, and provided electronic necessary tools for human resources officials in the federal bodies to assist them in developing special Emiratization plans for their entities (long-term and medium-term) and follow-up on their implementation. “They were also provided with an interactive dashboard to enable them to match the current situation with their Emiratisation targets”, she said.

She added that the Authority has developed mechanisms for linking the "Bayanati" system to the UAE Jobs Bank, which is managed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and is an electronic government platform to give priority of employment in the targeted economic sectors, for nationals. This would help in reviewing vacancies available in the federal entities according to positions targeted, and facilitate procedures for searching and recruiting suitable candidates for these positions.

Laila Al-Suwaidi affirmed the Authority’s support for ministries and federal entities in implementing the Cabinet Resolution on increasing  Emiratisation  percentage in the Federal Government by 10% annually to reach 90% in administrative positions and support services within 5 years. The Resolution also stipulated raising Emiratisation percentage in ministries and federal entities to 100% in supervisory positions during the next five years, with the exception of jobs that have been excluded by a Cabinet decision.

The Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector stated that the  wise leadership gives special importance to Emiratisation and considers it a top priority for creating jobs for citizens in various sectors, so as enable them to contribute to the country’s sustainable development.

“Reiterating concern about Emiratisation comes at a time when our wise leadership always emphasizes that calling for Emiratisation in no way contradicts with the ongoing efforts of the UAE to attract all types of talent. Indeed, the important role of non-nationals in the success of the UAE in achieving global leadership and competitiveness today, is highly valued,” she noted.

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