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FAHR launches Artificial Intelligence Projects for Government Human Resources

Tuesday April 14, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has announced its strategic plan for artificial intelligence for human resources at the Federal Government level, as approved since 2019, including a set of initiatives and projects. These initiatives are enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies, and serve Federal Government human resources in several areas such as: training and development, productivity measurement, employment, predictive reports on future human resource trends in the Federal Government, and HR data pool project, as a basis for all artificial intelligence projects, and a reference based on smart HR systems.


HE Dr. Abdulrahman Abdel Manan Al-Awar, Director General of the Authority, said that these are a great progress in organizing government work, the shift towards the future government, as well as in developing the skills of the government workforce and boosting overeall performance.


HE added: “Moreover, these projects are an important milestone along the road to creating excellence in government work system, which would support decision-makers in the federal entities, and enable them to manage their human resources efficiently, according to a methodology based on artificial intelligence. They will also help in upgrading the Federal Government employees competencies, especially in the current emergency conditions.


For her part, HE Laila Obaid Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector, explained that the Authority started implementing the new electronic employment system “Istiqtab”, which is enhanced with artificial intelligence and supports matching jobseekers with Federal Government vacancies  loaded into the system, to enable selection process, based on previous entities’ recruitment record.


She said: “The "Enabler" Imitative aims to measure and increase productivity, as well as help federal entities to invest their human resources in an optimal way. It also analyzes data on the results of daily performance of an employee, to make  recommendations on competency improvement, in terms of time, quantity and type in comparison with peers. The aim is to achieve the best performance, through the system which will be launched experimentally in some ministries and federal entities during the second quarter of this year.


“The Authority is also in the process of launching "Injaz" Project to automate joint support services procedures in the Federal Government. The project’s objective is to improve employee performance, achieve efficiency in terms of reducing time and effort on support and joint services departments in the federal bodies, through automating certain daily operations, using Robotics Process Automation technology.”


Laila Al-Suwaidi affirmed the Authority’s commitment to upgrading the e-Learning Portal in the Federal Government "Al-Mawrid", which was launched in  2019 as a successful project, being enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies. The portal,  she added, is used to improve the Federal Government employees’ distance learning skills, especially in emergency situations, through an integrated matrix of electronic training programs, so that they can achieve their career goals.


Salwa Abdullah Abdel Moneim, Director of Projects and Programs Department  said that 2020 will witness the launch of the second phase of the Virtual Assistant Services Project "Hamad", developed to help the Authority's customers, using   chatbot feature on the Authority’s website www.fahr.gov.ae, as a chat window  developed by the Authority to take advantage of artificial intelligence techniques in this field.


“Hamad Project is aimed at creating an interactive communication channel for  customers, to provide them with technical support and advice on a number of the Authority’s services and systems through advanced technologies,” she said.


Salwa Abdullah indicated that the Virtual Assistant Services "Hamad" responds to all customer inquiries with regard to some of the Authority’s services, such as training services, human resources systems, legal consultations, and technical support, through a dedicated chat window.  She revealed that the Authority will enter into Hamad system, all Federal Government HR laws, policies and legislation,  and link it with the HR Management Information System "Bayanati", and Customer Happiness System, which is an interactive platform that includes all  services provided by the Authority.


She said that the Authority will also launch in late 2020, the smart predictive reports project, which would provide a HR proactive and predictive indicator dashboard for ministries and federal entities, enabling them to monitor overall performance indicators and strategic goals of an entity.


PSalwa concluded: “The Authority will start work on Government HR Data Pool Project, to compile all HR data in the Federal Government from various sources, tol ensure rapid access, protection, and enhance the quality and accuracy of data.


“By the end of 2019, the Authority launched its operational plan for 2020, as s a road map for action in the coming years, including a wide range of initiatives related to digital developments and artificial intelligence. The plan also includes upgrading the Smart Application {FAHR}, launching the modified version of the  performance management system for Federal Government employees, and idea management system (iThink)”.

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