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Dr..Abdulrahman Al-Awar: "The UAE looks positively to the future as an opportunity for success. “

Tuesday February 11, 2020

His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman Abdel Manan Al-Awar, Director General of the Federal Authority for Governmental Human Resources (FAHR), stressed that the United Arab Emirates looks to the future in a positive way, and deals with it with as an opportunity to overcome challenges ahead, and achieve more successes by investing all potentials.

He said in the opening speech of the Authority’s annual meeting held recently in Dubai: “The UAE Government has achieved remarkable accomplishments on more than one level, which had significantly  contributed in enhancing its efficiency and strengthening its image as one of the best governments in the world.

“The UAE now ranks among the most dynamic countries and could manage to earn this prestigious position within a relatively short period of time, thanks to our wise leadership represented by His Highness President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and his brother His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.”

HE praised the sincere efforts made by the employees of the authority during 2019 to enhance the Authority’s position at the Federal Government level and achieve its vision and strategic goals in a way that improves the efficiency of the government work system as a whole. The employees’ hard work, he stressed, has contributed to transforming the Authority into a house of expertise regionally and globally in the field of human resources policies, legislation and systems.

He said: "What more reflects the Authority’s important role in the field of human resources, the fact that it received over 36 local and international  visiting delegations during the past year, to review its pioneering experience and benefit from it in building a strong legislative system to support and develop human capital, as well as create happier more productive work environments.”

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Awar launched the Authority’s operational plan 2020, confirming that it constitutes a road map for work in the coming years, in compliance with the UAE Vision 2021, its National Agenda, and Centennial   2071. He added that the Authority has been keen on having initiatives related to digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the plan included many initiatives and projects in this regard.

Projects for 2020

For his part, Khalid al-Mazmi, Director of Strategy and Future Department at the “Authority” reviewed the Authority’s operational plan for 2020, which was divided into five main groups. each group including a set of strategic initiatives and projects. These groups are:  artificial intelligence and digital human resources in the Federal Government, enhancing human capital development in the Federal Government,, the legislative system for managing human capital in the Federal Government,, quality of life in the work environment, knowledge transfer to human resources, instilling a culture of innovation in institutional work.

He explained: “The Authority will continue upgrading its smart application (FAHR), launch "Injaz" Project to automate the joint support services procedures, strengthen the electronic recruitment system with artificial intelligence techniques through "Enabler" Project, measure productivity using artificial intelligence techniques, and launch the human resources data correction project In the Federal Government (data cleansing).

“Other projects and initiatives on the agenda also include: the launch of the Holistic Dashboards system, the Data Warehouse project, and the promotion of the e-learning portal in the Federal Government “Al Mawrid”” with artificial intelligence technologies, and using artificial intelligence in talent management in the ministries and federal entities.”

Al-Mazmi revealed that the Authority is seeking to improve the customer experience through the Customer Happiness System, develop the second -line leaders preparation program, as well as launch the electronic ideas and suggestions management system "iThink".

He continued: “The Authority will also launch the sixth edition of the UAE HR Award in the Federal Government, in addition to managing HR Enablers,  is working on developing a matrix for measuring HR departments development, maturity and practices, managing the government human accelerators (Service Level Agreements) project, and strengthening Emiratisation indicators in the Federal Government.”

Other vital projects and initiatives to be launched by the Authority include the modified version of the electronic Performance Management System for Federal Government employees, a study on proper implementation of human resources systems and policies at the Federal Government level, as updating "Masar" program for high school graduates sponsorship, and  developing the Federal Government’s HR Law and its executive regulations to keep pace with the changes, as well as conducting several benchmark studies related to government human capital management.

The agenda also include launching the second edition of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Award for Best Research in Human Resources, holding the tenth edition of the International Conference on Human Resources, enhancing the Federal Government employees’ efficiency through Ma’arif and Al Mawrid initiatives,  and promoting the results of study on quality of life in the of the Federal Government in cooperation with the Office of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

 2019 Achievements

Khaled Al-Mazmi, pointed to the huge achievements made by the Authority during 2019, including, but not limited to: Preparing a plan for Emiratization at the Federal Government level, and following up on its indicators;  developing HR Management Information System in the Federal Government "Bayanati" which constitutes a smart window for all human resources services in the Federal Government, modernizing smart application (FAHR);  launching new electronic systems to facilitate the Federal Government employees work, and launching Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Award for the best scientific research in the field of human resources.

In 2019, the Authority ranked as the Best Entity in Enablers category of Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award.

He added: “The Authority has widely opened doors to its internal amd external partners to learn about its distinguished experiences in the field of human resources, e.g. it transferred knowledge to 36 local and international delegations. It also launched the electronic Government Skills Bank portal,   a series of specialized studies and research according to international best practices, the electronic Training & Learning Portal in the Federal Government "Al-Mawrid", and a new mechanism to measure the efficiency and maturity of human resource departments. On the other hand, the Authority continues to work on many vital initiatives such as the Human Resources Club, employee wellness programs, and linking Federal Government employees sick leaves with health authorities systems in the state through Bayanati system.”


During the annual meeting, HE Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Awar honored a group of the Authority’s employees and departments for winning the internal “Elite” Award, as well as a number of second-line leaders who obtained specialized professional diplomas.

Finally, some Authority senior official reviewed the achievements of sectors and departments, and their operational plans for 2020.

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