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The Human Resources Club discusses ways to enrich the employee experience

Monday August 08, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), recently held the seventh virtual session of the Human Resources Club in 2022, under the title "Improving the Employee Experience", which was attended by nearly 300 of the club's associates from inside and outside the country.

The live broadcast session was hosted by Mr. Todd Brodie, Vice President of Talent at Work, and moderated by Ms. Gaelle Lahad, Co-CEO of the company.

Todd Brodie began the session by emphasizing the importance of enhancing the professional and personal experience of employees, and involving them more in the work environment, which will reflect positively on their levels of happiness and productivity, and thus increase the organization’s productivity.

“This would also lead to enhancing the customer satisfaction, and hence the leading organizations have become more aware of the importance of enhancing employee experiences, by allocating huge budgets annually to achieve this goal, as well as to create a stimulating work environment for employees to unleash their potential”, he noted.

He added, “Enriching the employee experience in the work environment is an integrated journey that begins from the first day of recruiting employees and continues until termination of service. Certain things should be taken into consideration in enhancing the employee experience. These include providing all the tools and techniques that employees need to perform their work, creating fairness and transparency in the workplace, and instilling a teamwork culture within the whole organization”.

According to Mr. Brodie, involving employees in decisions is highly important, as it will improve their self-esteem and give them the feeling that they are an integral part of the organization. He also stressed the need for giving employees the impression that their opinions are important, which will increase their institutional loyalty and productivity.

“The results of a recent global study on employee engagement in the work environment, showed that employees’ productivity increases by 22% if they are given the opportunity to participate in formulating the organization’s policies and contribute to its future directions”, he noted.

Mr. Todd Brodie, Vice President of Talent at Work, said that there are many challenges that stand in the way of organizations wishing to enhance their employees’ experiences, and provide them with a suitable work environment. Some of these challenges include a contradiction   between the aspirations of employees on one hand, and the employers’ requirements on the other.

He concluded his speech by saying “A robust performance management system and focusing on developing employees’ capabilities are important factors that leave a positive impression on the organization among employees”.

About the Human Resource Club

The Human Resources Club launched in 2010 is one of the most important strategic initiatives of the Authority. It is an interactive platform and an intellectual and knowledge communication channel that brings together interested people, to discuss human resource issues and support services.

It is an interactive platform that offers its membership, an ideal opportunity to learn about the best practices, experiences and success stories of many individuals and institutions, as well as meeting with specialists and actors in the field of institutional work.

It is noteworthy that the Club membership is open free of charge for those interested in human resources, public administration institutional support and other relevant fields. The Club is keen to communicate with its affiliates through website, e-mail, and various social networking channels. Those interested can apply for membership through: The Authority website: www.fahr.gov.ae , or the Club e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae


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