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FAHR participates in the annual SHRM Human Resources Conference and Exhibition

Wednesday November 08, 2023

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) participated in the annual Human Resources Conference and Exhibition organized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in Dubai. The two-day event brought to light key issues concerning the development of human capital, particularly those related to the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence technologies on the future of organizations in general, and HR departments in particular.

During the conference, FAHR had a special session presented by Noora Jassim, an Assistant Expert in Human Resources. She emphasized the importance of ensuring that human resource policies, legislation, and laws in both the government and private sectors have sufficient flexibility. This flexibility is essential to enabling institutions to respond efficiently and competently to the rapidly changing global developments in various fields, particularly the always-evolving technology sphere.

She went on to discuss FAHR's most significant initiatives that had an impact on the development and governance of the institutional work system inside the federal government. Such initiatives include the Human Resources Law in the Federal Government and its executive regulations, the Code of Professional Behavior and Ethics for Public Service in the Federal Government, the Human Resources Information Management System in the Federal Government "Bayanati", and two initiatives: "Jahiz" for the future of government talents and the "Entrepreneurship Leave for Self-Employment" for the UAE nationals working in the federal government.

The "Bayanati" system is an intelligent platform that facilitates the automated execution of all federal government human resources procedures. It was formally introduced by the FAHR in 2012 in partnership with the Ministry of Finance. It is an intelligent platform that combines many electronic HR systems used by the federal government.

The system is an important source of information for official HR statistics in the UAE. It has established the groundwork for a unified database that reflects the realities of both municipal and federal governments. Decision-makers are supported by this cohesive database, which also facilitates smooth and efficient planning for the future of the country's human resources.

"Jahiz" initiative for the future of government talents was presented to conference attendees. It is one of the major transformational projects launched by the UAE government, with the aim of enhancing the readiness of federal government talents and supporting them with future skills. The "Jahiz" initiative, which covers all federal government employees, aims to equip and empower the government workforce to keep pace with the rapidly changing world’s requirements. It seeks to help them understand new topics and emerging fields that will have a significant impact on shaping the future of the country and creating a better tomorrow for future generations. Top of Form

“Jahiz” Digital Platform provides the Federal Government employees with 20 future skills that cover four main sets of skills that include 20 skills for the future to be completed within one year. The main skill set includes: Digital Skills, 10X Skills to enhance productivity and accelerate delivery, in addition to Data and Artificial Intelligence Skills, and the New Economy Skills.

The platform includes a digital wallet of future skills for each government employee, which represents an inclusive portfolio, linking the employee’s achievement in acquiring skills with job performance. In the platform, participants receive achievement badges upon completing the requirements of the future skills.

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