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International Human Resources Forum on 29 April under the Patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamed

Sunday April 06, 2014

His Excellence Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar ; Director-General of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources(FAHR) confirmed that the wise leadership of the UAE state , spearheaded by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan ; The president of the state ( May Allah protect Him) and His brother, His Highness sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al- Maktoum; Deputy President , Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai ( may Allah protect Him) is fully aware of the importance of human capital and its vital role in the advancement of UAE to assume its distinguished position amongst the leading developed countries of the world and reach out to international pioneering status in all fields and sectors, towards the fulfilment of Emirates Vision 2021 and its declared national agenda for the coming seven years .


These confirmations of Dr. Al Awar were made during a press conference held by the Authority at its head Office in Dubai to publicly reveal the details of the 2014 International Human Resources Conference (The FAHR International Forum) organized by the Authority for the fourth year successively. The forum will be held on 29-30 of April 2014 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohmaed Al- Maktoum, the Crown prince of Dubai and in partnership with I I R Middle East. The press conference was attended by Ibrahim Fikri , director of the Department of Projects and Programs within FAHR and Mr. Mahmoud Al Marzouqi ; director of the Department of Government Communication, within FAHR and a good number of media agents representatives.  

His excellence indicated that the FAHR International Forum, which will be Chaired by His Excellence Humaid Mohamed Al-Qatami; Minster of Education and Chairman of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, is considered as one of the most prominent strategic initiatives of the Authority. It comes as an ideal platform for exchanging the best experiences, experiments and practices in the area of human capital, at local, regional and international levels, that is in addition to shedding light on the most relevant critical issues and stand up to the most significant challenges facing human capital and reaching out for the most appropriate solutions. 

The Forum attracts 320 experts and specialist from all over the world


He announced that the number of speakers scheduled for the forum to be organized by FAHR in partnership with IIR Middle East is going to be around 23 experts in HR coming from 10 different countries from around the world. The number of expected participants will be above 300 persons who are specialized and involved in the field of HR, in addition to ministers of civil service and administrative development from GCC countries and senior officials in human resources within both public and private sectors from around the world.

Dr. Al Awar pointed out that the forum will discuss a number of topics and hot issues closely related to the question of human capital development such as institutional development; performance management; institutional efficiency and effectiveness; controlling HR strategies within the institution, in addition to effective nationalization policies, leadership development, mechanism for managing talents and methods of motivating and retaining employees. 

He mentioned that one of the forum sessions will be dedicated to a discussion, through presentations of a number of papers,  of the Smart Government Initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al- Maktoum, Deputy President, Prime Minster and Ruler of Dubai ( May Allah protect Him).   

The final recommendations of the FAHR International Forum 2014 will be published and disseminated through an academic periodical refereed journal which will be launched in the very recent future, indicating that the Authority shall seek to submit all the papers presented during the forum to a jury of referees and only refereed articles will be accepted for publication in the intended journal.

On his part, Mr. Ibrahim Fikri; director of the Department of Projects and Programs of FAHR, stated that the forum aims at presenting the latest and best international practices carried out by the most prominent regional institutions on human capital growth; controlling HR strategies within the private sector and aligning these strategies with national agenda of the UAE for the coming seven years; federal government initiatives; linking human capital management to business performance and establishing an interactive knowledge platform among HR experts for the fruitful exchange of ideas ,knowledge and successful experiments.

EXPO 2022 will provide more than 300 thousand job opportunities

Mr. Fikri indicated that a consultation study on “Excellence in in the area of human capital and its impact on organizing Expo 2022 in Dubai” will be presented for discussion during FAHR International Forum. The study was conducted, on commission from FAHR, by David Jones and Radhika Punshi who co-authored the bestseller book: “Unlocking the Paradox of Plenty – A Review of the Talent Landscape in the GCC”. The study focuses on the importance of Expo 2022 and its great positive impact upon various economic sectors within UAE and neighboring countries, as it is believed that the event will create more than 300 thousand job opportunities during the few coming years.

Radhika Punshi; an expert in human capital and a Consulting Director at The Talent Enterprise, highlighted the expected changes within the local labor market during the coming few years before the advent of Expo 2022, emphasizing that Expo will open new horizons for young Emirati nationals, which will help them build confidence and innovativeness and eventually contribute to the advancement and prosperity of their country. She pinpointed five sectors that need exerting strenuous efforts to expand before Expo 2022. These are: hospitality, including exhibition and conferences sector; transport; real estate and infrastructure; retail trade and finally banking and financial services.

Ms Punshi shed light on the most crucial skills which will be in great demand during the preparation stage leading to Expo 2022, such as customer service; planning and implementing projects; engineering and technical affairs; architecture and urban planning; infrastructure development; digital skills and digital graphic design; event management; marketing; social relations and finally health, safety and environment. 


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