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“FAHR” Launches its Agenda for UAE Innovates 2023 Month

Monday February 06, 2023

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has launched its agenda for the month of UAE Innovates 2023, which included eleven (11) events and initiatives targeting federal government employees and those interested and specialized in human resources and innovation.

Details of the agenda were announced during a virtual workshop recently held by FAHR, in which directors of sectors and departments and employees of FAHR in Abu Dhabi and Dubai participated.

In this regard, Her Excellency Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, FAHR Acting Director General, stressed that innovation for FAHR is no longer an option, but rather a daily practice and a work culture. It is part of the UAE’s effort to anticipate the future and keep abreast of its rapid developments. Al Suwaidi pointed out that the Month of Innovation is a natural reflection of the keenness of our wise leadership to investment in the owners of innovations, inventions and bright minds, to enhance the stairs leadership and global competitiveness in the various fields.

Her Excellency stated that "UAE Innovates" Month is one of the key national and regional events in terms of interest in innovation, innovators and talented persons, representing an opportunity to highlight the efforts exerted by the state’s creative institutions.

On her part, Meitha Kolthoum, Director of Strategy and Future Department and Chief Innovation Officer at FAHR, explained that FAHR’s agenda for the Month of Innovation for this year is full of distinguished activities, targeting federal government employees and FAHR’s customers, distributed on workshops, forums, knowledge transfer sessions and field visits.

Kolthoum pointed out that FAHR’s agenda during the Month of Innovation includes eleven (11) events, most notably: (Launching the Best Government Work Environment Award for keeping pace with the future, which aims to honor the ministries and federal entities most committed to and applying the practices and requirements of future work environments, and launching the Guide to Ethical Use of Digital Solutions in Human Resources, during a virtual session of the Human Resources Club).

"FAHHR shall have a distinguished participation in the works of the World Government Summit, which Dubai will host this year under the slogan "Forming Future Governments", where it shall hold the Gulf Experiences Forum for Human Resources and Civil Service, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, where the best practices, experiences and solutions of creative human resources in Gulf states shall be highlighted, as well as future visions and directions in this field, identifying the key challenges facing the development of human capital in the region and developing appropriate solutions to overcome them.

"During the month of February, FAHR shall launch a series of training courses for federal government employees on the topic of cloud computing, as part of “Jahiz” initiative for future government talents, which was launched by the UAE government in late 2022 with a view to empower federal government employees with future skills, through a digital platform that includes 20 future skills and 90 skills-building programs in several themes, including: Digital Skills, Data and Artificial Intelligence Skills, New Economy Skills and 10X Skills”, Kolthoum added.

Finally, Meitha Kolthoum pointed out that FAHR shall launch the “100 Ideas for the UAE 2031 E-campaign” to attract 100 creative ideas from its employees with a view to supports the state’s efforts in the Year of Sustainability and contribute to achieving its 2031 Vision. Further, FAHR shall also organize field visits to headquarters of international technology companies to gain knowledge about the applied state-of-the-art technologies and smart work systems.

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