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FAHR presented "Jahiz" Digital Platform during the Sharjah Police Youth Forum

Wednesday August 30, 2023

FAHR presented the details of "Jahiz Digital Platform" initiative during the first Sharjah Police Youth Forum, which was recently held under the slogan "Sustainable Skills". The event was attended by Major General Saif Al-Zari Al-Shamsi, the Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, and a number of police personnel.

During the forum, Fatima Al Jesmi, Senior Specialist in Training and Development, represented FAHR. She provided a thorough explanation about the "Jahiz" Platform, which aims to enhance the readiness of national talents and resources in the federal government for the future. The platform empowers them with future skills through an integrated digital platform for new future skills. This platform supports the government's readiness and increases the participation of its personnel in implementing the leadership's visions by building a governmental model for the future. It also enhances performance, productivity, efficiency, and future readiness.

"Jahiz", which has been designed in partnership between the Government Development and Future Office and FAHR, represents a new model for government work that focuses on raising the levels of readiness for the future by empowering government cadres with the best future skills globally. The initiative covers all leadership and functional levels.

"Jahiz" Digital Platform provides government employees with four (4) future skill sets, including digital skills, 10X skills, data and artificial intelligence skills, and new economy skills. It includes Future Skills Portfolio, which represents a comprehensive profile that links employee achievement in skills acquisition to job performance. Participants in “Jahiz” platform receive achievement badges upon completing the requirements of future skills, to be linked to employee's achievements on "Bayanati" System of the federal government. “Jahiz” is supported by fifteen (15) strategic partners from elite government entities and international companies, who provide distinguished content that enables employees to acquire the most important future skills.

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