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FAHR provides 4,200 training programs for federal government employees through Al Mawrid Portal

Wednesday August 03, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), confirmed that all employees of ministries and federal entities can benefit from nearly 4,200 virtual training programs, general and specialized, made available to them through the federal government’s e-Learning Portal ‘Al Mawrid’.

She explained that this number of training programs available through Al Mawrid until the end of the first half of 2022, are offered by prestigious international and local organizations with a long history in the field of training and development, free or at competitive prices exclusively for federal government employees.

The Authority stated that 86,500 federal employees benefited from the programs, training workshops and various educational materials contained in "Al Mawrid" portal. The portal also registered 317,000 visits since its launch in late 2019 until the end of June 2022, and the number of electronic participation certificates issued by the portal for the same period, was about 52,000.

The Authority called on federal government employees to visit the federal government's e-learning portal "Al Mawrid" www.al-mawrid.ae,  to benefit from all the services it provides, and to participate in these carefully selected training courses and programs.

“These programs and training coerces are mainly designed to develop the skills and competencies of employees working for ministries and federal entities, in many areas needed by a rapidly-changing and highly competitive labor market”, the statement noted.

According to the Authority, Al Mawrid is an advanced smart training platform that serves federal government employees, develops their behavioral and specialized skills, and provides them with general and specialized electronic training programs and courses free of charge, or at   preferential prices, considering their needs, and enabling them to keep pace with the labor market requirements.

The launch of "Al Mawrid" came in line with the federal government's directions towards investing in artificial intelligence, enhancing the skills and capabilities of federal government employees, ensuring continuous learning, and providing them with the best and latest types of training, by investing in modern technology in all fields.

The launch of Al Mawrid came in line with the Federal Government's vision towards investing in artificial intelligence, enhancing the skills and capabilities of Federal Government employees, ensuring continuous learning, and providing employees with the best and latest types of training, by harnessing modern technology in all fields.

The Authority aims through the initiative, to develop the employees’ knowledge, skills and capabilities, so that they can cope with the rapidly changing needs of global labor market by acquiring reliable electronic training, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

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