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The Authority Trains its Employees on the Uses of ChatGPT in the UAE Innovation Month

Monday February 27, 2023

As part of its activities in the innovation month “UAE Innovates”, the Authority held a training workshop on ChatGPT Technology, the latest applications of artificial intelligence, its mechanism of action and its uses to serve government work.

The workshop handled the most important reasons for the momentum of ChatGPT, in addition to the most important opportunities it provides to organizations, and the challenges associated with that. It also reviewed the most prominent differences between it and previous applications of artificial intelligence and its effects on improving the customer experience.

During the workshop, some practical experiments and exercises were implemented with regard to the uses of ChatGPT, and other applications of artificial intelligence. This was carried out with the participation of a number of the Authority's employees, and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority employees, who showed great interaction with this technology, and their willingness to employ it in order to develop work and upgrade skills.

The practical exercises carried out by the participants focused on several tracks, including opportunities for government innovation through ChatGpT, legal and value issues, as well as the compatibility of technology with the context of government work and life in the UAE.

The workshop, which hosted Mr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi, CEO of Government 01, focused on introducing the participants to the basics of this new technology and its opportunities for innovation and development of the authority’s services. Actually, most of the workshop activities were devoted to the practical side, where employees began to experience and interact with technology.

The workshop concluded with a mini-lab, during which the participants were divided into work teams, each of which focused on interacting with ChatGPT and exploring the opportunities it creates in specific areas that serve the Authority's directions. At the end of the day, each team delivered an interactive presentation.


In response to the recommendations of the leadership on the need to study the best way for the government to benefit from new artificial intelligence technologies, Meitha Kolthoum, Director of the Strategy and Future Department at FAHR, confirmed that the Authority is the first government entity in the UAE to organize this training workshop.

For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi confirmed that ChatGPT technology has already begun to make a noticeable change in many sectors, including the government sector, praising the authority's initiative and its rapid response to exploring the prospects of this emerging technology.

FAHR had already launched its agenda for the month of “UAE innovates”, including 11 innovative activities and initiatives targeting federal government employees, and those interested and specialized in human resources and innovation. It considers this month an opportunity to pay attention to innovation, innovators and talents, and to highlight the efforts of the country's creative institutions.

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