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FAHR and SHL collaborate to govern the use of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management

Tuesday October 27, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently signed two memorandums of understanding ‘MOU’ with SHL, with the aim of increasing the productivity and efficiency of federal government employees and strengthening the institutional work system in the federal government.

Under the first MOU, SHL will assess the behavioral competencies of the employees of ministries and federal entities, This is in accordance with the behavioral competency model of the federal government. SHL will also provide FAHR with data analytics that allows federal entities to identify the capabilities of their employees and identify their strengths and main development needs.

The second MOU between the authority and SHL aims for SHL to support FAHR in regulating the ethical use of artificial intelligence in human resource practices at a federal government level, as the goal of this memorandum is for FAHR to work collaboratively with SHL to regulate the AI mechanisms and practices applied in the talent management across the federal government.

Commenting on the signature Mrs. Salwa Abdulla, Director - Projects & Programs Department, highlighted that “regulating the ethical use of artificial intelligence in human resource practices contributes to developing legal and ethical frameworks that organize the use of these tools, which ensures creating a stimulating and positive work environment for talents”.

“collaborating with SHL will include providing regular consultations to the FAHR’s work team on the best practices of artificial intelligence, its ethical and effective uses in talent management practices, and providing support in developing standards for evaluating artificial intelligence practices applied at the federal government level in a professional and ethical manner commensurate with Global best practices.”

Mrs. Abdullah also added that “SHL will provide multiple research to the authority on the best applications of artificial intelligence in talent management, according to the government accelerator model, noting that SHL is one of the leading companies in the region in the field of assessing and developing talent using science, data and artificial intelligence techniques.”

Mr. Mohamed Farid, Managing Director of SHL-Middle East said: “Signing these two memorandums of understanding with the authority comes in line with the UAE's vision that aims to make the UAE among the best countries in the world across multiple fields. SHL is proud to partner with the authority to work on developing the most important pillar of the federal government, which is its human capital."

Mr. Farid added “We will use our experience spanning more than 4 decades in the field of talent assessment and development, cooperating with the authority regarding to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the federal government employees, and supporting the authority's efforts in implementing its strategy for artificial intelligence."

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