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Federal Government employees carry out 3.3 million self-service transactions through BAYANATI System

Sunday July 21, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) revealed that all the 67 ministries and federal entities are currently under the umbrella of the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System "BAYANATI", as the system is implemented in 47 ministries and entities, while the Authority has completed linking 20 entities with BAYANATI system, through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Project.

In this regard, HE Laila Al-Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs & Human Resources Planning Department, explained that the number of human resources transactions and procedures implemented by employees and officials of the ministries and federal bodies through BAYANATI system exceeded 3,32 million mark, since it was officially launched at the Federal Government level in 2012 until the end of June. 906 thousand of them were completed during the past year alone, while more than 128 thousand self-service transactions were conducted during May and June.

BAYANATI: a smart platform for all HR procedures

Al-Suwaid said: “BAYANATI System, launched by the Authority, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, helps to automate all HR procedures, including wages and salaries in the ministries and federal entities from the date an employee is appointed until his retirement. It increases the performance of human resources based on modern concepts and international standards, forms the foundation for a unified Federal Government database that reflects HR status, supports decision makers and facilitates planning processes.”

She noted that self-service feature is one of the most important components of the system, as it enables Federal Government employees to complete and follow-up their own HR procedures. This function, according to her, would greatly facilitate the provision of human resources services in ministries and federal agencies and helps HR departments to focus on Strategic programs and initiatives rather than daily routine tasks.

Executive Director of Programs & Human Resources Planning explained that  Smart App. (FAHR}, is highly interactive during the past time, noting that it has been downloaded more than 49 thousand times since its inception, and that  the Federal Government employees conducted over 10 thousand self-service transactions during last May and Junes using the App.

Highlighting the prominent strategic projects launched by the Authority in the past period under BAYANATI umbrella, Aisha Al Suwaidi said that the Authority collaborated with human resources departments in local governments to establish consolidated database on government human resources state-wide, in response to the recommendations of the first round of the UAE Government's Annual Meetings and related human resources initiatives.

These initiatives include, government HR database, which is based on the establishment of a unified database of government human resources at the state level, through electronic linking systems and HR smart screens. The action involved creating smart screens for integrated human resources systems in the government sector These screens provide accurate and reliable data and indicators on the reality of government human resources in the country as a whole, which will contribute to support the planning and decision-making processes.

‘‘’The project contributes to the provision of a unified human resources database for all government agencies in the country, which will greatly support decision makers, facilitate development of plans and policies, motivate the entities to improve human resources performance by measuring human resource enablers, as well as enable entities to achieve the requirements of government excellence, and the UAE HR Award in the Federal Government’’, she noted.

The Authority’s achievements under BAYANATI System

HE Laila Al-Suwaid gave a brief account of the Authority’s most important achievements under BAYANATI System during the past years. These achievements included the launch of the following projects and initiatives at the Federal Government level: Employee Performance Management and Training and Development Systems; E-Signature Project for ministers and senior Federal Government officials; Job Evaluation and Description System; Training Programs Bank; Smart Goals Bank; automation of HR policies and laws, Smart Reporting System and e-Employment system; Employee Efficiency Project; Organizational Structures; E- Man power Strategic Planning; and Attendance System.

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