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FAHR launches "Jahiz" Race Dashboard for future skills within "Jahiz" Digital Platform

Monday October 02, 2023

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) recently launched a smart dashboard within the digital platform of "Jahiz" initiative for the future of government talent, which was launched by the UAE government in the year 2022, with the aim of enhancing the readiness of national cadres and talents in the federal government for the future, and empowering them with the new skills required to shape the future and benefit from its opportunities, through an integrated digital platform for future skills, which supports the government’s readiness for the future.

This came during the consultative session held by FAHR recently, in Dubai, with the aim of enhancing "Jahiz" initiative and upgrading its digital platform, in order to enhance FAHR’s efforts aimed at investing in human capital, developing and enhancing the capabilities of federal government employees, and arming them with the skills of the future. The session was attended by Her Excellency Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Acting Director General of FAHR, and representatives of the ministries and federal entities benefiting from "Jahiz" initiative for the future of government talents.

Her Excellency Laila Al Suwaidi explained that the launch of the smart dashboard aims to identify the ministries and federal entities that interact most with "Jahiz" digital platform, and the content and educational paths it offers for federal government employees on an ongoing basis.

She pointed out that the dashboard will be available to all federal government officials and employees via "Jahiz" digital platform, and will include the results and names of the top three federal entities most prepared with future skills, within "Jahiz"  race, and the entities will be classified according to the size of the entity (large entities and small entities), and it will also include the names of the entities that previously won "Jahiz" Badge for the Future of Government Talents, indicating that the results will be updated instantly, via the smart dashboard.

Her Excellency Laila Al Suwaidi stated that FAHR aims, through "Jahiz" initiative, which covers all federal government employees, to empower and enable the government work team to keep pace with the requirements of a rapidly changing world, support the government’s readiness for the future, and increase the participation of its cadres in implementing the leadership’s visions by building a pioneering future government model worldwide, and enhancing the performance, productivity, efficiency and future readiness of the UAE.

For her part, Mrs. Maryam Al Zarooni, Director of the Government Human Resources Planning Department at FAHR, stressed that the consultative session was like a creative laboratory to develop "Jahiz" platform for the future of government talents, in form and substance, so that it rises to the level of ambitions and meets the aspirations of all ministries and federal entities.

She pointed out that the session witnessed a remarkable interaction from representatives of ministries and federal entities, as FAHR received many innovative creative ideas and bright suggestions, which it will take into consideration in drawing up a development plan for "Jahiz"  platform, as it is a new government model that enhances the future skills of government talents and ensures their readiness, by empowering them, providing them with the necessary knowledge, and enhancing their ability to innovate.

She indicated that "Jahiz" digital platform provides 4 future skill sets, which include 20 future skills, to be completed within a year. The main skills set includes: digital skills, X10 skills to enhance productivity and accelerate achievement, in addition to data and artificial intelligence skills, and new economy skills.

The platform includes a digital portfolio of future skills for every government employee, which represents a comprehensive personal file, linking the employee’s achievement in acquiring skills to job performance, and participants in the platform receive achievement badges upon completing future skills requirements.

During the session, Dr. Kalthum Al Balushi, Executive Director of Innovation and Director of Training and Development Center at Emirates Health Services, reviewed the institution’s experience within "Jahiz" initiative for the future of government talents, highlighting that the institution recently won "Jahiz" badge for the blockchain technology skill, and approximately 10,500 employees benefited from the educational paths and qualitative training content provided by "Jahiz" platform since its launch in late 2022.

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