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Human Resources Club Reviews Inspiring Practices in Building Future Skills

Monday December 19, 2022

This year, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) held the HR Club's ninth virtual meeting, titled "Inspiring Global Practices in Building Future Skills of the Government Sector."

The HR Club hosted CEO of 01Gov, Mr. Ibrahim El Badawi and hundreds of Federal Government employees, Club members, and others interested and specialized in human resources were in attendance as well.

This meeting shed the light on (the future skills required to keep up with changes in the global labour market, ways to empower employees with such skills, and the importance of HR development to keep up to date with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the work environment).

Additionally, El Badawi tackled the most prominent shifts in the work nature and patterns as well such as change factors related to skills and jobs in recent years, such as (technical factors which played a major role in changing up jobs and related skills, economic and social factors, digital platforms outperforming traditional business models, growth of microtask economy, especially in Arab states).

In addition, he discussed several governmental practices and success stories in dealing with skills-related global changes, including Singapore's experience in human capital investment and building national talents' capabilities. Other examples include the European Union's experience as it launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition (DSJC) as well as the USA's experience as it launched CyberTalents platform and sought to discover and attract those talented in cybersecurity and develop their capacities.

The CEO of 01Gov also emphasized the need for governments and institutions to be bold enough to reconsider teaching and learning models, focus on skills as well as qualifications and certifications, design new work patterns that suit the changing reality, and provide employees with more flexibility to learn and innovate.

Moreover, El Badawi gave the employees some advice, such as "realize the difference between your value in the labour market and your value as a human being, sketch out your professional and personal path for upcoming years, diversify your expertise, learning sources and networks, develop your personal "radar" to monitor changes, and constantly invest in small experiments”.

About the HR Club

The HR Club, launched by FAHR in 2010, is a significant intellectual and knowledge-based communication window gathering thousands of people interested and specialized in issues up for argument and discussion including issues in human resources and support services as well as general or emerging issues.

The HR Club is an interactive platform bringing together those interested and specialized in human resources, experts, as well as those with distinct experiences under one roof to exchange ideas, expertise, and solutions that would enhance the roles assigned to human resources and institutional services departments and various other state sectors.

The HR Club membership is open and free for those interested in human resources, institutional support and other relevant fields. Those interested can apply for membership on FAHR website: www.fahr.gov.ae, or sed applications to the HR Club e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae  

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