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The Executive Office of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi is briefed on the Authority’s initiatives

Friday November 18, 2022

A delegation representing the Executive Office of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi Al Qasimi, recently visited the headquarters of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) to learn about the key initiatives and strategic projects that the Authority implements across the federal government and the best practices it applies to Human Capital Management and development in the federal government.

The delegation was received by Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Human Resource Policies Sector at FAHR, Maryam Al-Zarooni, Director of the Authority’s HR Planning Department, Meitha Kolthoum, Director of the Authority’s Strategy and Future Department, and Moza Al-Sarkal, HR Expert at FAHR, along with several FAHR employees.

Al-Suwaidi emphasized the important role that such visits play in enhancing cooperation between the various federal and local government institutions and supporting the exchange of experiences and expertise in many fields across those entities.  Moreover, she stated that such efforts will ultimately help upgrade the government work system and reinforce the UAE’s leading global position.

During the meeting, Her Excellency Al Suwaidi discussed the key aspects and objectives of the Professional Competency Framework and the Behavioral Competency Framework of the federal government, which the Authority updated in 2019 through the Human Resources Management Information System in the Federal Government "Bayanati" in line with the Cabinet-approved UAE Model for Government Leadership.

Moreover, she pointed out that professional and behavioral competencies are an integral part of the performance management system for the employees of the federal government and serve as a complement to it. An employee’s skills and talent are a key technical element of the employee performance assessment process, especially with regards to specialized functions that require high levels of performance.

She also stated that the Authority has automated the professional competencies within the performance management system to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of federal government employees’ performance assessment, incentivize distinguished employees, and ensure that the technical aspect of the employee's performance is not overlooked along with the behavioral competencies to attract talents and competencies to the federal government.

Furthermore, Her Excellency Al-Suwaidi stated that the Guide to Professional Competencies in the Federal Government features 99 professional competencies linked to 20 job families. The Guide describes and defines the knowledge, skills and abilities required to carry out specific job tasks, duties and responsibilities that contribute to fulfilling performance requirements in addition to the level required for each category.

She explained that the Guide to Professional Competencies in the Federal Government aims to help line managers and employees get acquainted with the concept of professional competencies and its various applications which would allow the employees to carry out their job tasks and develop their skills to match the work requirements.

On her part, Maryam Al Zarooni, discussed the Job Description and Evaluation Policy in the Federal Government, which was launched by the Authority in 2014 and transformed it into an electronic system in 2016. This system is one of the best international systems and practices in the field of public job evaluation as it is based on clear scientific foundations that ensure fairness and consistency across the various jobs at the federal government level.

Finally, she clarified that the system aims to link the evaluation outcomes and outputs to the approved grades and salaries scale to determine the various job grades in a logical and correct manner regardless of the job descriptions. It also seeks to create suitable job descriptions that properly reflect the functional duties, responsibilities and authorities and unify descriptions across all the federal entities that this system targets.

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