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FAHR supports it services with customer friendly electronic system

Sunday October 13, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources has recently developed a new electronic system to allow monitoring and enhancing internal performance indicators regarding the provision of services to its customers through smart screens that help strengthen the Authority’s and increase customer happiness and satisfaction.

Wafa Al Amiri, Director of IT Department at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, said that the new electronic system intended to achieve customer happiness, will enable FAHR to follow key     indicators related to customer service, through smart screens connected to FAHR’s customer service systems and channels.

She added: “This project is based on the on-going efforts by FAHR  keenness to delight its customers, help them to complete their transactions and  respond to their inquiries within the specified time frames, taking advantage of global latest technologies and smart solutions.

For her part, Shaima Al Awadhi, Director of HR Information System at FAHR   explained that FAHR has provided several smart electronic screens across  all sectors and departments with HR dashboards that are updated periodically. These dashboards, she said, are connected to the customer happiness system , the unified call center and technical support centers.

“These smart screens help FAHR’s senior officials to follow-up performance indicators at various sectors, departments and teams, with regard to services provided to customers and increase competitiveness between different departments,” she said.

Speaking about smart screens, Khalid Al Mazmi, Director of Strategy and Future at FAHR said: “The real time indicator screens reinforce the arrangements being done to improve customer service and facilitate monitoring progress in completing transactions and procedures. They also enable prompt response to inquiries submitted by customer and providing them with legal advice requested regarding HR systems, regulations and initiatives, in order to ensure the provision of services within the time frame as stipulated in the service level agreements.

“The daily indicators which can be monitored through the screens include the number of calls received by FAHR and percentage of repose; the number of legal advice provided, on a case by case basis; and the number of support service staff ready to respond to customers.”

He added that the indicators monitored through smart screens also include  the level of service related to FAHR’s vital Initiatives and projects, such as the Federal Government's HR Management Information System (BAYANATI);  Federal Government's Preferred Training Partners Initiative (Ma’arif);  Electronic Approval Initiative (Itimad); Objection Committee;  Job Evaluation and Description System, etc..

HR dashboard for employees and officials

FAHR had launched earlier a smart dashboards to be used by employees and their managers at the ministries and federal entities via the Smart Application (FAHR). The most important indicators monitored through these dashboards include total leave balance, number of certificates requested and issued, approved leaves, unapproved absences, percentage of annual appraisal rating completed,

Indicators also include the 45rrnumber of ‘Maqassert’ cards circulated, number of training applications, number of employees who completed individual development plan, years of service, number of employees on probation, number of federal Government employees granted awards under Rewards & Incentives Program, and number of employees whose information is completed in BAYANATI system.    

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