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Government of Uzbekistan delegation briefed on UAE's experience in government modernization and HR development

Sunday November 10, 2019

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), in coordination with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers’ Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, recently received an official delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan, representing several government bodies

The delegation was visiting the UAE under the strategic partnership between the two countries to modernize government system,  review the best practices adopted by the UAE Government regarding  development and empowerment of its human capital, and create an attractive working environment for employees.

The week-long visit included familiarizing the Uzbek delegation with  the most important accomplishments by the UAE Government in terms of enhancing the efficiency of government work and developing and implementing an integrated smart system for human capital management.

Abdulrahman Al Awar: Sharing Successful Experiences 

HE Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Manan Al Awar, Director General of the Authority, noted that the visit comes as part of the strategic partnership between the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan, and to reflect keenness of the two sides to exchange experiences and successful stories in many fields, especially in developing government work.

HE said: “The UAE Government has made remarkable achievements in  managing and developing its human capital, as well as implementing global best practices in this field and harnessing modern technology in creating an efficient HR system in ministries and federal entities.

“The vital HR legislation, policies, and initiatives launched by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources at the Federal Government level have greatly contributed to the development of our institutional  system across the ministries and federal entities, thus enhancing the attractiveness of the work environment, to become a destination for top talents from around the world.”

Dr. Al Awar, confirmed the Authority's keenness to share knowledge and successful experiences with visiting governments, institutions and international expertise houses in the field of human resources, to look into  the UAE Government's distinctive experience in the development and empowerment of government human resources .

Yasser Al Naqbi: Exchange of experiences to benefit from distinguished government experiences

For his part, Dr. Yasser Al Naqbi, Assistant Director-General of Government Leaders at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, said that the knowledge tours implemented by the governments of the UAE and the Republic of Uzbekistan were aimed at activating the strategic partnership between the two sides to modernize government work and share experiences in this respect.

Al Naqbi confirmed the UAE Government’s keenness to share its practices and the distinguished government model it has developed over the past years, which has contributed to the advancement and modernization in many vital sectors in the UAE, especially in the field of empowering national cadres and employing human resources potentials In an effective way.

Highlighting UAE’s initiatives and experiences in human ca[ital development

During the visit, the delegation of the Republic of Uzbekistan got acquainted with the main achievements, key initiatives and strategic projects of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, at the Federal Government level, which aim to enhance the government efficiency at the  ministries and federal entities, as well as empower human resources, develop their competencies, and create a positive and motivating work environment for employees and different types of talents.

The delegation was received by HE Dr. Abdulrahman Abdul Mannan Al Awar, Director General of the Authority; HE Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of HR Policy Sector; HE Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and HR Planning Sector, and a number of sector & department directors.

Measuring maturity of HR departments

HE Aisha Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of HR Policy Sector at the Authority, reviewed the mechanism to measure  the level of HR departments’ development and maturity in Federal Government institutions according to international indicators and models prepared for this purpose.

She stressed that the objectives of the new mechanism are based on the indicators and results of ministries and federal entities as extracted from Human Resources Management Information System in the Federal Government "BAYANATI" and its smart reporting system. She also explained that the new mechanism to measure the level of development of human resources departments in the Federal Government will allow the evaluation of ministries and federal bodies according to four main criteria: governance, employment efficiency, employee engagement, and development. It further explained that a set of indicators were included in and closely linked to each criterion, as well as giving weights for these criteria according to their importance.

Digital transformation of the government HR system

The Uzbek delegation listened to HE Laila Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of  Program & HR Planning Sector, who explained the digital transformation within the HR system in the Federal Government as a result of launching  the Federal Government’s HR Management Information System (BAYANATI).

The visiting delegation got familiarized with the most important HR electronic systems operated through BAYANATI, including: e-Employment System, HR Information System, Job Evaluation & Description System,  Strategic Manpower Planning, Smart Statistical Reporting System, Training Programs Bank,  Smart Goals Bank.

The Uzbek delegation was also briefed on HR enablers in the Federal Government, Performance Management System, Training & Development System for Federal Government employees, as well as the major training initiatives launched by the Authority at the Federal Government level and the e-Training Portal "Al Mawrid".

The delegation members visited the Customer Happiness Center of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in Al Barsha, Dubai, where they listened to an explanation of key services provided to customers, the Center’s sections and mechanisms of work, and initiatives to delight customers.

Erkin Mukteddinov: UAE- an example of global  leadership 

HE Erkin Mukteddinov, First Deputy Minister of Employment and Employee Relations in the Republic of Uzbekistan Government, stressed that the UAE has secured a globally leading position in many sectors and fields, especially in government work, and harnessing modern technology in the provision of government services. “Indeed, the UAE has surpassed the world’s advanced countries in many areas,” he said.

Mukteddinov added that the rapid progress and outstanding achievements made by the UAE are the result of continuous work and tireless efforts by its wise leadership, praising the experience of the UAE Government to develop and empower its human capital, and the support given to women working in the government. He particularly lauded the the UAE Government’s keenness to to enable the Emirati women to be an active member of society in various fields.

"We look forward to further strengthening the existing cooperation with the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and to benefit from its distinguished experiences in the development of government work system, training and upgrading human resources, and employing modern technology in the provision of smart services," Mukteddinov said.

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