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The HR Club discusses adapt to changes in the work environment

Tuesday March 01, 2022

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), held the second Human Resources Club’s virtual session 2022, under the title “Ways to adapt to Change in the Work Environment”, as part of its activities in the UAE Innovates Month, and in partnership with SAP Middle East Company. The session was attended by more than 500 Club associates from inside and outside the country.

The session, which was held via live broadcast technology from the SAP Company’s hall at Expo 2020 Dubai, hosted Nelly Bostany, Senior Consultant, employee experience management in the Middle East, who shed light on the impact of COVID-19 on companies around the world. She focused on how the pandemic contributed to changing the prevailing work systems, noting that the it has totally changed the way we work for the better. Institutions were forced to implement the remote work system, transform their services provided to the public into smart, and also began to implement protocols that were not previously recognized, such as health and safety protocols for employees and customers alike, she noted. 

She indicated that governments have been facing a real challenge, since   the outbreak of the pandemic, in continuing to provide high-quality services to customers, despite the fact that most of them were forced to cut public expenditures and budgets. “Many countries succeeded in this respect, especially the UAE, thanks to its strong technological infrastructure, and innovative approaches, the most effective solution to deal with challenges and rapid global changes”.

Nelly Bostany added: "The trends and concerns of HR departments have changed a lot during the pandemic, after their interest was focused on managing the operational processes related to human resources in the organization, these departments started to assume many strategic roles and responsibilities in the organization, to become a major partner in its success.

"Successful HR departments are currently keen on enriching the employees’ expertise within the organization, as well as increasing their happiness, job satisfaction and productivity, by creating a stimulating work environment that meets their aspirations and needs and establishing teamwork spirit across the organization."

According to Nelly Bostany, institutions are in dire need to invest in developing their employees as to adapting to the rapid changes and requirements of the global labor market, which will only be achieved through providing them with the resources necessary to perform their tasks in the best way. She stressed the importance of acquainting employees with their institution's goals and future visions, as well as building a robust social network between them and the need to listen to their feedback and involve them in the decision-making process in the organization.

The Human Resources Club is an interactive platform and an intellectual and knowledge communication channel that brings together interested people, to discuss human resource issues and support service.

Membership of the Club is open and free for all those interested in human resources and institutional support, etc. Application should be through website: www.fahr.gov.ae, and e-mail: HRClub@fahr.gov.ae 

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