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HR Magazine

Human Resources Magazine is the online magazine issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources on a monthly and regular basis with the means testing, policies, legislation and issues related to Human Resources and are covered by word and image at the level of the United Arab Emirates, from the events of coverage and initiatives of the Authority and the first issue was published in May 2011 which was officially launched.

The publication of Human Resources Magazine is prepared by the Government Communication Department from the faith of the importance of information as an integral part of its work for the Management and Human Resource support in Ministries and Federal Authorities to form the start of promising future in these parts as they are working to promote an ongoing basis and include legal materials and consultancy related to Human Resources and to receive the specialized external participation.

Issue Size PDF HTML
Issue (149 (Available in Arabic Only) – September 20233081KBDownload
Issue (148 (Available in Arabic Only)) – August 20237102KBDownload
Issue (147 (Available in Arabic Only)) – July 20233358KBDownload
Issue (146 (Available in Arabic Only)) – June 202315806KBDownload
Issue (145 (Available in Arabic Only)) – May 20234678KBDownload
Issue (144 (Available in Arabic Only)) – April 20236688KBDownload
Issue (143 (Available in Arabic Only)) – March 202312556KBDownload
Issue (142 (Available in Arabic Only)) – February 202322483KBDownload
Issue (141 (Available in Arabic Only)) – January 20237355KBDownload
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