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Technical support for Government Skills Bank Portal

Estimated Delivery Time

  • 4 Working Days

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About Service

Provide technical support and resolve inquiries from the Government Skills Bank Portal users. 

Service Steps

  • 1
    To register and receive the service
    • Bayanati users: you can use your Bayanati system username & password to login.
    • Not a Bayanati user, create new account and fill out the electronic registration form and complete the remaining steps.
  • 2
    For Technical Support of the Governmetn Skills Bank portal
    • Contact the technical support team through FAHR call center

Required Documents

To Register in Service :

  • Fill in the electronic registration form available through the Government Skills Bank Portal.
  • Log-in using the username and password received through the registered email in the form.
  • Fill in your personal details in the profile and add your qualifications and specializations.
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  1. An entity can motivate Government Skills Bank Members through:

    • Highlighting the important role that they play in the entity.
    • Providing opportunities for them to share their knowledge and expertise with others inside the entity.
    • Providing learning and development opportunities which support their career development.
    • Showcasing their success stories and their contributions to the success of the entity and to developing the national talents.
    • Tangible and intangible appreciation in line with the entity’s set policies and procedures.
  2. There are several benefits that an individual and an entity reap as a result of identifying and selecting Government Skills Bank Members. Some of them are:

    • At the Individual Level: Encouragement to acquire new knowledge and skills; fostering organizational loyalty; and increasing the job satisfaction level.
    • At the Entity’s Level: Creation of a work environment which motivates employees to acquire and spread knowledge; improving institutional memory; reduction of time used to identify a suitable expert for handling and solving a certain problem; and provision of a clearer picture of the employees’ knowledge and skills in the different business units across the entity.
  3. There are a number of methods that an GOVERNMENT SKILLS BANK MEMBERS can use to transfer knowledge and expertise, including:

    • Participation in projects.
    • Mentoring and coaching.
    • Responding to enquiries.
    • Training.
    • Job Shadowing.
  4. To register through the portal, please visit the Government Skills Bank page

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Estimated Delivery Time
4 Working Days
Services Channels

Customer Happiness System CHS

Service Availability : 24 /7

Target Audience
All Ministries and Federal Government Employess
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Service Surfers : 9143