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Support service on Jahiz

Estimated Delivery Time

  • 5 Working Day

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About Service

This service to support Jahiz Platform and answers the enquiries regarding the platfrom and provide technical support 

Service Steps

Login to the platform by using the emirates ID and the password received through the employee’s official email. 

Required Documents

To Register in Service:

  • Entering the Emirates ID number, completing the login procedures for the platform, and ensuring the completion of all the employee details in the HR system of the entity.

Procedures after Registration:

  • Enter the platform and start the process of learning new skills that you need to succeed now and, in the future.


  1. You will receive a notification from "Jahiz" on your official email containing your username and password details. Once received, you can sign in to the platform using your Emirates ID number in the username field. For example: 784-1982- *******-2, and the provided password.

  2. All Federal Government employees.

  3. Virtual masterclasses and online modules.

  4. All available modules are free.

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Estimated Delivery Time
5 Working Day
Services Channels

Call Center: 600525524

Customer Happiness System

Target Audience
Federal Government employees
Service Fees


Service Classification


No. of Service Surfers / Users

Service Surfers : 2925

Service Requirements

Login to the platform to benefit from the training programs:

  • https://jahiz.gov.ae/
  • for technical support, contact the authority through the call center or CRM