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E-Decision (1)


Study on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Authority's website and the users' opinion about its performance

The Authority has been involving the customers in the development of its website and the services provided through it. To this end, a questionnaire has been developed to measures the customers’ satisfaction and interaction with the site. The questionnaire remained on the Authority’s website from January 2016 to September 2017, and addressed the following issues:

Website design, the timeliness of information published, flexibility and ease of use, security of personal information, diversity of communication channels available, effectiveness of the website as a practical alternative to traditional transactions/ field visits, and the Authority’s timely responsiveness to your enquiries through the website and provision of quality e-services.

120 participants responded, to the questions, including 63% UAE nationals and 34% Arabs. 50% of sample were in the age group 30-39, while 68% of them had a high diploma, a bachelor's degree or a postgraduate degree.


The main observations identified by the study were as follows:


Regarding the Authority’s various initiatives and projects and how to show the characteristics of each in an easy way to the website browser

Review the content on the Authority’s initiatives page, to highlight key initiatives and include other initiatives within the relevant sections and sub-sections of the website.

A list was also presented on the Home Page, highlighting the most visited pages of the site.

2 Regarding the review of website content in English to match that of Arabic content in quality. The Authority has launched a project to match the Arabic and English contents.




E-Decision (2)


Automated human resources services at the request of the public

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources firmly believes in the importance of feedback provided by the public so as to implement any suggestions or observations that help facilitate easy access to human resources services provided to federal government employees, as well as those targeting the public in general. Among the most important services that have been automated at the request of users are Salary Certificates and ‘To Whom It May Concern Letter’, which federal government employees can request and receive electronically.


Sample ‘To Whom it May Concern Letter’