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Use keywords that are as specific as possible. For example, if you want to search about a page, use the “word page” not “a pages” “and pages” etc…

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If you find that your search has returned too many results you might want to consider refining your search. You can refine your search by adding other keywords to your search or by using the handy keyword tool that can filter your results to make them more accurately reflect the information you are looking for. The filters can be found to the top of your results.

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Holistic Dashboards

Holistic Dashboards : It is a project to develop a multi-user analytical and predictive-analytics Master Dashboard (MD), that monitors the overall performance of all functions across an entity linking all departments, departments KPIs and the overall strategic objectives of the entity as a whole.

This initiative’s infrastructure must be taken into consideration before any initiative implementation and must be flexible and dynamic in terms of the ability of users to add new KPIs for analytics extraction. This MD would be analytical for the current organization's performance (real-time) and predictive for the future periods, based on the status quo at any given point in time.

Important Project Benefits :
  • Faster analysis, intuitive dashboards.
  • business decData-drivenisions.
  • Trusted and governed data.
  • Increased organizational efficiency.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Increased competitive advantage.