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FAHR Launches the Distinguished Federal Government Employee Program “Tastahal” FAHR Launches the Distinguished Federal Government Employee Program “Tastahal” Read more

Sunday April 13, 2014

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) launched the federal government distinguished Employee program “Tastahal”, which is...Read more




A leading global human capital in the Federal Government


FAHR seeks to empower human capital in the Federal Government in order to achieve corporate performance excellence through effective collaboration with partners and support the implementation of integrated solutions for human resources according to international best practices.

Strategic Objectives

  • Establish a modern and integrated legislative system for human resources management in the Federal Government according to international best practices.
  • Empower national talent and develop federal human capital
  • Effective planning for human capital to increase the productivity of the federal entities
  • Disseminate the principles of corporate culture and create a motivating work environment
  • Ensure that all administrative services are in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency
  • BAYANATI Human Resource Management System
  • Human Resource Club
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  • ITIMAD Electronic Approval System
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